“ETERNAL LIFE” Sunday 24 May 2018 I wonder what responses you would give if you were asked to describe exactly what you understand by the term ‘eternal life’. I suppose you may have looked at the two words in the … Continued


“DEFENCE” Sunday 17 May 2020 During this season of Easter – the period between Easter Day and Pentecost Sunday, the second reading from the Lectionary each week comes from the First Letter of Peter. The letter, we are told at … Continued


“MEANING” Sunday 10 May 2020 The human brain is the most amazing organ. Its complexity and capability, its manner of working, the proliferation of signals transmitted around, and in, and out, of it at any particular moment, baffle and amaze. … Continued


“REASSURANCE” Sunday 3 May 2020 It’s hard to listen to today’s gospel reading and not be attracted by the charm of a simpler time. Raising sheep was a far different prospect in the time of Jesus to the large and … Continued


“WORSHIP” Sunday 26 April 2020 The account of the encounter between the two disciples and the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus is one of the most vivid and interesting narratives in the gospels. When you listen to it, … Continued


“PEACE” Sunday 19 April 2020 It would be really fascinating, I think, to be able to get inside the heads of the various disciples who were gathered in that room on the first Easter Day. The evangelist gives us some … Continued


“LOOKING” Sunday 12 April 2020 I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I am in a specialty store and a shop assistant comes up and asks if they can help. I have this deep-seated conviction that their … Continued


“AUGUSTINE” Friday 10 April 2020 For what was seen at the time as a joke, a friend gave me a copy of the book, Confessions by St Augustine, as a present when I was entering the seminary to begin study … Continued


“FEET” Thursday 9 April 2020 Unfortunately, this Maundy Thursday, we are not able to undertake the ritual washing of feet to re-enact Jesus prophetic action at the Lat Supper. Feet must feel like the forgotten appendages during the Covid – … Continued


“STREET THEATRE” Sunday 5 April 2020 “Two processions entered Jerusalem on a spring day in the year 30. It was the beginning of the week of Passover, the most sacred week of the Jewish year…One was a peasant procession, the … Continued