“WRESTLING” Sunday 2 August 2020 What do you think of when you hear reference to “wrestling”? Do you think of the razzamatazz of the various iterations of professional wrestling that take place in large stadiums, with exotically costumed male and … Continued


“PARABLES” Sunday 26 July 2020 Before we consider the contents of the Gospel reading from today, I think, from past experience, that we need to settle two questions first. We will be considering today what are commonly referred to as … Continued


“WEEDS” Sunday 19 July 2020 Amongst the great volume of his work, St Thomas Aquinas, the towering theologian of the scholastic period in Europe, wrote his so called “Five Proofs for the Existence of God”. The fifth of those was … Continued


“YOKE” Sunday 5 July 2020 I suspect that when most of us think about the word “yoke”, we think of the contraption that is across the shoulders and around the necks of the bullocks. In some ways, it is not … Continued


“TRUST” Sunday 28 June 2020 The account of God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice his own son Isaac is surely one of the most puzzling incidents in the Bible. How can we not be troubled by the thought of any … Continued


  “HARVEST” Sunday 14 June 2020 The second chapter of the Book of Genesis describes the four branches of a river that flowed out of the Garden of Eden. They were the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates. Interestingly, we are … Continued


“MYSTERY” Sunday 7 June 2020 As I mentioned at the beginning of the Service, today we celebrate Trinity Sunday. It is a little curious when you think about it. We generally celebrate events or weeks after events (Christmas Day, Good … Continued


“GIFTS” Sunday 31 March 2020 There is probably no one amongst us who does not enjoy receiving a gift. Gifts represent for us positive sentiment towards us from the person or persons who gave us the gift. That is especially … Continued


“ETERNAL LIFE” Sunday 24 May 2018 I wonder what responses you would give if you were asked to describe exactly what you understand by the term ‘eternal life’. I suppose you may have looked at the two words in the … Continued


“DEFENCE” Sunday 17 May 2020 During this season of Easter – the period between Easter Day and Pentecost Sunday, the second reading from the Lectionary each week comes from the First Letter of Peter. The letter, we are told at … Continued