“Even a hated tax collector”

“Even a Hated Tax Collector!” Sunday 22 September 2019 It seems that the members of most civic societies who are under occupation by a foreign power reserve a special venom for enemy collaborators. History is full of examples where, immediately … Continued

“The Herald”

“The herald” Sunday 15 September 2019 If I was to ask you who is the most prominent person in the gospels after Jesus, I wonder what your answer might be. Some might think one of the apostles, Peter, James, or … Continued


“Crisis!” Sunday 8 September 2019 A fairly commonly accepted meaning of the word “crisis” is a decisive or vitally important stage in the course of anything. Today’s readings place us all in a moment of crisis. Deuteronomy expresses the sense … Continued

“A face in the crowd”

“A face in the crowd” Sunday 25 August 2019 In today’s gospel reading, we find Jesus continuing on this momentous journey towards Jerusalem. And by way of a preview of what is to come when he reaches the great city, … Continued

“The signs of the times”

“The Signs of the Times” Sunday 18 August 2019 Many of us will be familiar with P. J. Hartigan’s bush poem – Said Hanrahan. “We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan In accents most forlorn Outside the church ere Mass began … Continued

“What is your passion?”

“What is your passion?” Sunday 11 August 2019 As I reflected on today’s Gospel reading from Luke, one sentence seemed to jump out at me. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. I think that the … Continued

“Teach us to [pray”

“Teach us to pray” Sunday 28 July 2019 One of the earliest non-scriptural Christian documents that has been found is known by the short name – the Didache. The English title of the document is The Teaching of the Twelve … Continued

“There is need of only one thing”

There is need of only one thing Sunday 21 July 2019 In today’s gospel narrative, we find Jesus continuing on his fateful journey to Jerusalem where he must confront the leaders of the Jewish religion. He enters a village where … Continued

“The eternal dance of reciprocal love”

“The eternal dance of reciprocal love” Sunday 16 June 2019 Every now and then, when I was the Parish Priest at Tamborine Mountain, I received unsolicited bizarre correspondence that was put into the Rectory letterbox. Towards the end of 2009 … Continued