“Come, Holy Spirit” Sunday 12 January 2019 One Sunday, I was greeting people at the door of St George’s Church, Tamborine Mountain, following the Service. An elderly woman chipped me by saying that the Service had not been like any … Continued

“Let light shine!”

“Let light shine!” Sunday 5 January 2020 The word “Epiphany” has a Greek origin where it means ‘reveal’ or ‘manifestation’. All well and good you might say, but what does manifestation mean? “Manifestation” is to do with being clearly seen … Continued

“The cross hangs over the crib”

“The cross hangs over the crib” Sunday 29 December 2019 As we gather on this morning after celebrating the Birth of Our Lord, the readings set by the Church are full of contrasts. In the first reading from Isaiah, the … Continued

“Promise fulfilled”

“Promise fulfilled” Wednesday 25 December 2019 I wonder how many of you really listened closely to the first reading this morning from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. I have a very strong suspicion that many Christians switch off a … Continued

“The cause of our joy”

“The cause of our joy” Tuesday 24 December 2019 In the first reading this evening from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, there were a couple of verses that the composer, George Friedric Handel, made great use of in his … Continued

“The reclaiming of Advent”

“The Reclaiming of Advent” Sunday 1 December 2019 I have always found reading about the history of the way that the Church has approached worship to be a very absorbing occupation. It really is interesting to see how Christians have … Continued

“The cosmic Christ”

“The cosmic Christ” Sunday 24 November 2019 Celebrating a feast day called Christ the King is not without some difficulties. Normally when we use a metaphor, we use something that we know to throw light on something that we are … Continued

“Tourist or Pilgrim??”

“Tourist or Pilgrim??” Sunday 17 November 2019 It has usually been my practice to celebrate one of the last Sundays of the Church’s liturgical year as a Thanksgiving Sunday. There is a certain sense in which it is probably not … Continued

“The Hope of Resurrection”

“The Hope of Resurrection” Sunday 10 November 2019 The context of today’s gospel reading is that Jesus has just told the parable of the Wicked Tenants which had clearly been directed at the scribes and chief priests who then wanted … Continued

“Paul’s prayer for us”

“Paul’s prayer for us” Sunday 3 November 2019 I have mentioned to you many times in my sermons that the New Testament was written in a form of Greek language known as Koine Greek. One of the features of written … Continued