“The reclaiming of Advent”

“The Reclaiming of Advent” Sunday 1 December 2019 I have always found reading about the history of the way that the Church has approached worship to be a very absorbing occupation. It really is interesting to see how Christians have … Continued

“The cosmic Christ”

“The cosmic Christ” Sunday 24 November 2019 Celebrating a feast day called Christ the King is not without some difficulties. Normally when we use a metaphor, we use something that we know to throw light on something that we are … Continued

“Tourist or Pilgrim??”

“Tourist or Pilgrim??” Sunday 17 November 2019 It has usually been my practice to celebrate one of the last Sundays of the Church’s liturgical year as a Thanksgiving Sunday. There is a certain sense in which it is probably not … Continued

“The Hope of Resurrection”

“The Hope of Resurrection” Sunday 10 November 2019 The context of today’s gospel reading is that Jesus has just told the parable of the Wicked Tenants which had clearly been directed at the scribes and chief priests who then wanted … Continued

“Paul’s prayer for us”

“Paul’s prayer for us” Sunday 3 November 2019 I have mentioned to you many times in my sermons that the New Testament was written in a form of Greek language known as Koine Greek. One of the features of written … Continued

“I have fought the good fight”

“I have fought the good fight” Sunday 27 October 2019 Today we have the last of four extracts from 2 Timothy which have been included in the Lectionary these last few weeks. If we were in any doubt that Paul … Continued

“Even a hated tax collector”

“Even a Hated Tax Collector!” Sunday 22 September 2019 It seems that the members of most civic societies who are under occupation by a foreign power reserve a special venom for enemy collaborators. History is full of examples where, immediately … Continued

“The Herald”

“The herald” Sunday 15 September 2019 If I was to ask you who is the most prominent person in the gospels after Jesus, I wonder what your answer might be. Some might think one of the apostles, Peter, James, or … Continued


“Crisis!” Sunday 8 September 2019 A fairly commonly accepted meaning of the word “crisis” is a decisive or vitally important stage in the course of anything. Today’s readings place us all in a moment of crisis. Deuteronomy expresses the sense … Continued

“A face in the crowd”

“A face in the crowd” Sunday 25 August 2019 In today’s gospel reading, we find Jesus continuing on this momentous journey towards Jerusalem. And by way of a preview of what is to come when he reaches the great city, … Continued