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  • thoughts on “meditation

    1. Philip Platon

      Excellent sermon! so true for most of us because lack (or weakening) of faith happens at various stages of our life.

      1. Allan Paulsen

        Thanks for your positive response to the sermon, Phil. I am pleased that you found it helpful.


    2. Marion Farley

      Re Does God change his mind

      Thank you for your Interesting sermon. Perhaps your message is not enhanced by an unnecessary and pointed reference to Arthur Caldwell and a particular political party. I understoond the Immigration Restriction Act was passed in 1901, based on racist attitudes, arguably, since 1770. Gough Whitlam’s Labor Govt finally repealed this legislation in the early 1970’s. The negative connotation of Arthur Calwell and his particular political persuasion is an example of the very bias which you argue against. There are many examples of such appalling comments from all sides of politics. Why that one? Perhaps you vote Liberal?

      Thank you