Thrift Shop

I have good news! The Thrift Shop will be in operation for another year.

The shop is always open on Thursday mornings. However, I have decided to have a trial opening on the first Saturday morning of each month to cater to those who cannot visit our shop on workdays.    The commencement date will be Saturday 5th March.  Opening hours on both days are 9.00am till 12.00pm.   I already have one lovely lady who has volunteered for the Saturday but, due to safety precautions it a requirement of opening the Thrift Shop that there are always two people in the shop. We have been very lucky up until now that we haven’t had any incidents, but I feel more comfortable knowing that there is help available if ever the need occurs. 

If we can source more volunteers for the Saturday mornings, we might be able to open more frequently. This will broaden our clientele to more working people and bring much needed funds for the Church.   Please contact me if you feel able to do God’s work in this way.  Blessings.

Patricia Collins – 0417 721 869

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