St Matthew’s Anglican Parish – Annual General Meeting 2022

The annual meeting of the parish will be held on Sunday, 20 February 2022.

Nominations are called for the following positions:

·        Church Warden/s

·        Parish Nominators

·        Parish Councillors.

Nomination forms are available in the Church. Duly completed forms may be submitted to Fr Richard before 10.30am on Sunday, 13 February.

For the information of parishioners interested in offering their services to the parish, the duties and responsibilities of office bearers are outlined.

Duties and Responsibilities of Churchwardens (59)

(1) The duties and responsibilities of the Churchwardens are as follows –

(a)    to attend on the Archbishop or his Commissary or the Archdeacon whenever cited to a visitation;

(b)    in the event of the death of the Parish Priest immediately to report the vacancy to the Archbishop;

(c)    to take care that all persons be placed as conveniently as possible during the celebration of Divine Service;

(d)    to take care that order and quiet be preserved in and about the Church during the celebration of Divine Service;

(e)    to report to the Archbishop any irregularity of conduct on the part of the Parish Priest;

(f)     subject to the Canons and any general or special direction of the Parish Council to disburse the funds of the Parish.

(2) The duties and responsibilities of the Churchwardens acting in conjunction with the Parish Priest are –

(a)    subject to any general or special direction of the Parish Council to be the executive and standing committee of the Parish Council at times when the Council is not meeting;

(b)    to be responsible for the communication of all information and documents required by Canon to be communicated to and from the Parish;

(c)    to have the appointment, control and dismissal of all lay officers other than Stipendiary Lay Ministers;

(d)    to have the control of all ornamentation and decoration of the Church, subject to appeal to the Archbishop;

(e)    to approve any special collection.

Duties and responsibilities of Parish Nominators

Parish nominators are lay members who represent the parish in the decision-making process that takes place to appoint a new rector/priest-in-charge, should a vacancy arise.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Parish Council (60)

The duties and responsibilities of the Parish Council are as follows –

(a)    in conjunction with the Parish Priest and Churchwardens to prepare and assist in implementing programmes designed to further the mission and ministry of the Church in the Parish and beyond;

(b)    to provide and preserve all things needful for the decent celebration of Divine Service the administration of the Sacraments and Rites of the Church and safe keeping of Parish records;

(c)    subject to the Canons, to have the authority in the administration of Parish funds (including the funds of all Parish organizations), their receipt and disbursement, and in all matters connected with the material assets or liabilities of the Parish;

(d)    to be responsible for the drawing up of a budget, being an estimate of income and expenditure of the Parish for the ensuing year, for the presentation of the budget to the Annual Meeting for adoption by the Parishioners, for the amendment from time to time as necessary of the budget as adopted at the Annual Meeting, and for such actions as may be necessary to adhere to the estimate of expenditure and for the estimate of income to be achieved;

(e)    to receive all payments belonging to the Parish;

(f)     to make provision for the punctual payment of the Parish Priest’s stipend, the stipend of all stipendiary Assistant Curates and lay ministers and the salary of all other paid church officers;

(g)    to deduct make and transmit to the General Manager, or to such other persons or bodies as may be required, contributions directed to be made by the following Canons – Superannuation Canon, Long Service Leave Canon, Insurance Canon 1997, and contributions set out in a Schedule of Parish Contributions adopted by Synod;

(h)    so far as the Parish funds lawfully available for these purposes may allow, to keep in repair the fabric of the Church, the Parish Priest’s residence and other buildings and to provide such furnishings and amenities in the residences owned by the Parish as may be prescribed by Regulation;

(i)     to ensure that any property for which they are responsible is insured in accordance with any direction of the Board of Management under the Insurance Canon 1997;

(j)     to insure the Parish Clergy and all lay workers employed by the Parish under a Workers Compensation policy issued by WorkCover Queensland if required to do so by the Board of Management under the Insurance Canon 1997 and as the Board may direct;

(k)    in conjunction with the Parish Priest and Churchwardens, to report to and be responsible to Synod (through the Commission for Community Welfare and Social Justice) in respect of Parish based endeavours relating to community welfare and social justice;

(l)     to act as a Council of advice to the Parish Priest and the Churchwardens.

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