“I know the one in whom I have put my trust.”

“I know the one in whom I have put my trust.” Sunday 09 June 2019 It is reasonably apparent to us today that the community at large is losing its sense of trust in many of the institutions of our … Continued

“That they may be one”

“That they may be one” Sunday 2 June 2019 I am sure that the Gospel text that we heard this morning is reasonably familiar to most of you. This part of John’s gospel is nearly always used with an ecumenical … Continued

“What does it mean to be famous?”

“What does it mean to be famous?” Sunday 26 May 2019 Some of you may remember back a few years when the Australian ex pat television personality, Clive James, produced a series of TV programs on “Fame in the Twentieth … Continued

“About Turn”

“About turn!” Sunday 19 May 2019 Are you ever amazed in life at the way that things can change for you all of a sudden? One moment life is going along on a particular course, then some dramatic change occurs … Continued

“Faith seeking understanding”

“Faith Seeking Understanding” Sunday 12 May 2019 You may remember that around the time of the appointment of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury, there was a bit of discussion about the fact that he was a Welsh bishop, not … Continued

“Would the witness please take the stand?”

“Would the witness please take the stand?” Sunday 28 April 2019 During the ordinary times of the Church’s year, the three readings set by the lectionary each Sunday are selected in this general way. The gospel is the continuation of … Continued

“He is risen indeed!”

“He is risen indeed!” Sunday 21 April 2019 Every now and then, I read a book on scripture or theology and think to myself: “I wish I could somehow summarise what this author has said and share with as many … Continued

“Humble service”

“Humble service” Thursday 18 April 2019 There are a lot of times in the gospels when the evangelists treat the same incidents in Jesus’ life in a different way to make a particular theological point. One of the really stark … Continued

“Have patience”

“Have patience” Sunday 24 March 2019 Good story tellers know the importance of engaging the audience right from the very start. Jesus of Nazareth was a great story teller who used his stories – parables, to teach his disciples about … Continued

“Citizenship in Heaven”

“Citizenship in Heaven” Sunday 17 March 2019 Maybe today, or maybe in the next few days, Australia’s population will reach 25 million. It is only three years, almost to the day, since the population reached 24 million. And the significant … Continued