The Lord’s Prayer – A Pilgrim Course

Reflect for a moment on the wonder of this special prayer, used by every generation of Christians there has ever been. For some, the words are very familiar. Perhaps we learned them as children, but perhaps we have never thought about what they mean for adults. For some, the words are too familiar – we have given up thinking about what they mean. But for some, the words will be new, something precious to be explored on the way to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We are going to explore the Lord’s Prayer in these sessions as a gateway to the Christian gospel, as a guide to our own prayers, and as a way of deepening our relationship with God.


6 Sessions

8/15/22/29 July, 5/12 August

6.30pm to 8.00pm

at St Matt’s


Please register at before  5 June as Study Books need to be ordered. Books cost $15.