Pilgrimage to St John’s Cathedral

Join us for this energising pilgrimage from St Matthew’s at Holland Park into St John’s Cathedral in the City.

The walk is of moderate difficulty and last time it took the group around 2hrs 45 minutes to make the journey at a leisurely pace. The route we follow will surprise you as we traverse open playing fields, take a short walk through suburban bush, enjoy the bustle of major roads from the relative calm of the footpaths, enjoy the calm and cool walking beside the river at Southbank, cross the river and marvel at the skyline of the growing city before arriving at the magnificent Cathedral of St John, the mother Church of the diocese. After some time to relax and refresh ourselves, we will join the congregation at Evensong and be drawn into praise of God through the beautiful singing of the choir.

This is open to anyone who wants to enter into the spirit of camino, the spirituality of walking the journey. 

Interested persons should email Fr Allan Paulsen at ajpaulsen@bigpond.com